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Custom Motor Homes | When a Factory Coach Won’t Do

So what is the difference between custom motor homes and custom motor coaches?  Not a whole lot really, though for the purposes of this article we are concentrating on custom motor homes that are not as high end nor as expensive as a custom motor coach. Custom motor coaches run in the $1,000,000 and up range, while the coaches we are focusing on here, mere mortals can afford, all the while still qualifying as a luxury coach in our opinion.

What Are Custom Motor Homes?

A custom motorhome is defined as a luxury motorhome whereby you are part of the designing process, instead of purchasing a common custom motor homesmotorhome off the dealer lot as is.  This requires some pre-thought on your part as to what features you require in your custom build.  It helps to have a good deal of RV living experience so that you have a clear idea of what your lifestyle goals and requirements are.  This usually means that those who are attracted to undergoing the process of acquiring a custom motorhome will usually have ideas about RV living beyond the casual recreational vehicle enthusiast.

When searching out builders of custom motor homes, one will commonly come across builders of custom motor coaches and convertors of buses into custom motorhomes.  Motor coaches and buses are usually very expensive in general, and are always custom built.  A custom motorhome can be as simple and as customized as ordering a motorhome from the factory, with a large pallet of options, thus obtaining a degree of customization.  This alone may be sufficient in acquiring a motorhome that is personalized enough for you.  Indeed, today’s builders build with such a degree of luxury, and offer such an array of options, that this route may be sufficient.  This will also be the least expensive option and the fastest way to obtain your desired motorhome.

A True Custom Motorhome

Scouring the internet one can find a large number of builders of true custom motor homes, who will build to your exact specifications.  This custom motor homeincludes custom floorplans including slideouts, choices in flooring, woods, fabrics, appliances and so on.  These coaches can be obtained in a variety of motorized bases from diesel motorhome platforms, to Sprinter van conversions.  Of course, the more custom building, the more expensive in price.  Be sure and take a good look at their showcase photos to see if they are doing the type of work you are interested in.

As stated earlier, the degree of luxury and customization is controlled by you.  Some outfits will offer a checklist of options that you can include or not, and that’s all the customization possible within a set of standard rigs they offer.  Others will take this further and sit down with you and design all aspects of your coach from the ground up.  If you are looking for an RV that is unlike any other and truly reflects your own personal desires and character, then you will be interested in the latter type of organization.

What Type Of People Buy Custom Motor Homes?

People, who live on the road a great deal of time or those who travel fulltime, will definitely be interested in obtaining a custom motorhome.  They have needs and ideas that will probably go beyond that which is offered by an off the shelf RV.  Traveling musicians who may not be superstars, salespeople, and internet professionals who would like a custom office on wheels are a few examples.

On the other end of the spectrum would be those who are well off and who travel a large part of the year, and can afford to get something unique and luxurious.  They can afford to have a higher end home on wheels and while they are not fulltimers, they have the means to buy and operate whatever they want, thus choosing a more personalized choice than what if offered within the normal motorhome marketplace.

In reality if we all could choose to do so, we would order a custom motorhome, trailer or other recreational vehicle built to own specifications and whims.  One can get a degree of this by ordering directly from the factory or through a dealer, selecting all the desired options that are available for the rig they are interested in.  Those with deeper pockets can take this even further and order from companies that build completely custom units from the ground up.  If you want to get the exact rig you want, be sure to look into custom motor homes.

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