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Diesel Pusher Motorhomes – Power to Spare

Diesel pusher motorhomes are, simply put, luxury motorhomes with a rear mounted diesel engine. While this definition could also describe converted buses, we are referring here to those coaches manufactured by the more common RV companies. There are a great number of diesel pushers available from a great number of manufacturers such as Fleetwood, Holiday Rambler and Newmar to name just a few. What they all have in common is a powerful, usually Cummins based diesel engine propelling beautiful, spacious, meticulously crafted interiors. These units are some of the most luxurious units available without resorting to custom built coaches.

Take the Mountains with Ease in Diesel Pusher Motorhomes

What sets diesel pusher motorhomes apart from their gasoline powered cousins is sheer power and fuel efficiency. The diesel engine gets far better miles diesel pusher motorhomesper gallon while at the same time providing raw muscle when you need it most. For those who plan on doing a lot of travel in mountain regions, the diesel pusher will take you there and back with ease. In challenging driving conditions such as this, these units really shine.

Mechanically, these rigs are a thing of engineering beauty. Since they are not built on a bus chassis, RV manufacturers have free reign to design as they please. Custom designed chassis’, high end braking systems, and a compliment of safety equipment ensure a smooth, comfortable, safe journey. Structurally expect to find numerous slideouts, sometimes even full wall slides spanning almost the entire length of one side of the coach. Abundant storage will be had from cavernous basement, slam door compartments running down the entire length of the coach assuring you leave nothing behind.

Of course, exterior brawn is great but without a beautiful interior, we’re only half way there. Fortunately, these coaches are for the most part, some of the most richly appointed rigs one will come across on the common dealer lot. Those who opt for coaches in this price range can expect the best depending on the manufacturer and of course, the price tag. Commonly available will be hardwood cabinets and drawers with full extension drawer guides, solid surface countertops, tile flooring and other upscale touches.

A Big Room with a Big View

While luxury exteriors and interiors are great, what about driving and operating a beast such as this? There exist courses that train and assist those who diesel pusherfeel they need it. In the end though, after an initial, “breaking in”, driving a diesel pusher is relatively simple due to the high end cockpit replete with safety equipment and numerous navigation aids such as GPS and backup cameras. In the end these coaches, despite their large size, are actually easy to drive. In camp, they too become easier than one would think to setup, so you and your companions can concentrate on enjoying yourselves.

Since a diesel pusher is on the upper end of the RV manufacturer’s lineup, expect to pay more for all this luxury and convenience. At the lower end of the scale, some diesel pusher motorhomes can be had for a little over $200,000. Most of the units fall into the $250,000+ range though, to well over $500,000 for the truly luxury mansions on wheels. In this range though, you can expect the very best in both operation and livability. One thing to keep in mind, is that while the price of a diesel pusher may seem high, they will indeed make up for it in fuel efficiency and mechanical longevity saving you money in the longer term.

I’ll Take It!

If you are a serious part timer or a full-fledged fulltimer, a diesel pusher will probably come into consideration as your home on wheels. Ease of operation, and high end amenities make these coaches a joy to travel and to live in. While the price tags are higher than towable coaches of comparable quality, these diesel powered beauties are a bargain considering what you’re paying for in terms of sheer mechanical beauty. Any serious RV’er owes it to themselves to check out the incomparable diesel pusher motorhomes available today.

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