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The largest motorized RV’s on the road today will probably be in the segment of RV’s represented by the luxury buses and luxury motorcoaches. The allure and mystery that surround these high end coaches stems from the fact that those who usually own and operate them will be those in highly paid professions.

We differentiate the luxury coach buses and luxury motorcoaches from the more common motorhomes of all classes, as those coaches that are fabricated onto a custom built or high end bus chassis, usually incorporating a high degree of custom work integrated in the building process. Examples of these can be found in the Marathon motor coach and the Liberty coach.

Of course all this luxury comes at a price, which is also often the reason one only sees those who are purchasing them coming from the entertainment professions. Still there are many other professionals in real estate and other appropriate occupations who want to live fulltime on the road and also have the income levels or wealth to back them up, who also seek out these remarkable coaches. Inherent in the luxury bus world is a high degree of customization if purchasing new. The manufacturer will work hand in hand with you to yield a truly unique motorcoach or bus conversion that reflects the owner.

If you one of the fortunate few with the means to purchase, that wants a coach that is truly the top of the line, consider investigating the one of a kind RV represented by the luxury buses and luxury motorcoaches by following the links below:

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