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Luxury Fifth Wheels – Modern Condos on Wheels

Nowhere has innovation taken on a whole new stride than in the world of luxury fifth wheels. In this one particular group of recreational vehicles, manufacturers have stretched the imagination as to what is possible, and packaged all of this in easy to tow and highly efficient home on wheels. A luxury fifth wheel offers unique possibilities, and arrangements of interior and exterior space. Characterized by its tall, often sloping ceilings, cavernous pass-through storage bays, multiple and varied slide out arrangements, and ease of hitching and tow-ability, it has become the number one choice coach for the full-time RV’er.

Luxury Fifth Wheels Offer Ease of Operation

A luxury fifth wheel offers its occupants numerous advantages and features desirable to those who travel often for extended periods of time, or full-time. The coaches we are covering here, will appeal to those who are doing just that, either spending a great deal of time on the road, or living full-time in their coach. The rigs we are referring to here are indeed modern condos on wheels. Starting at around $40,000, and costing well over $100,000, are coaches that leave little to be desired as regards a housing replacement. With some units boasting over 400 ft., and sporting from one to six slide outs, greatly luxury fifth wheelsadding to the interior space available, one becomes hard-pressed to realize they are living in a towable home.

One of the beautiful things about luxury fifth wheels is the relative ease of operation on the road. Hitching and un-hitching is easy for most, and the new modern fifth wheel hitches, make it easy to line up with the kingpin. When coupled with automatic leveling jacks, preparing the rig to live in when arriving at camp, becomes an easy, quick chore, allowing one to get onto the fun of living. In a fifth wheel, 30 feet of length means 30 feet of interior space. Whereas, in a travel trailer 30 feet in length will include the trailer tongue, which is often up to 4 feet in length, thus yielding one only 26 feet of interior space. The added bonus of a luxury 5th wheel, is the fact that 3 to 4 feet of the coach length resides over the bed of the pickup truck when hitched, saving this distance in total towing length.  With a luxury 5th wheel, you get the most house, in the shortest towing length.

A Luxury Fifth Wheel=Wide Open Spaces

Interior spaces have blossomed lately growing exponentially in both livability, internal volume, and all the luxury features you come to expect from a high-end fifth wheel Corian countertops, high-end plumbing hardware, washer dryers, top of the line entertainment centers featuring multiple plasma or LED televisions throughout the rig, are commonly featured even in coaches of modest cost. Multiple slide outs sometimes on opposing walls, have eliminated the days where one has to squeeze by their fellow occupants. In the world of luxury fifth wheels, the sky’s the limit as to what one can purchase and equip it with, given the means to do so.

It is worth noting that there are a number of companies specializing in custom built luxury fifth wheels, built to order specifically geared to the full-time RV’er, who desires a unit specifically tailored to their own unique needs and requirements. Surprisingly, these highly portable coaches are very affordable, especially in light of the fact that they are usually replacing a conventional house, making them attractive to those who seriously want to pursue a fulltime nomadic lifestyle.

A Luxury Fifth Wheel Is The Perfect Land Yacht

A luxury fifth wheel is a beautiful sight to behold, both in form and function, similar to a luxury yacht or sailboat. As manufacturing technologies and practices have advanced in recent times, full-time coaches have emerged offering high degrees of livability, comfort, luxury and elegance. It is not surprising, that the number one choice for the full-time RV’er has become in recent times, the fifth wheel trailer coupled with a modest pickup truck. If you find yourself wanting to live, work, and play out on the open road, you owe it to yourself to look into what luxury fifth wheels can offer you to achieve this dream.

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