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In this section of our website, we will explore the main types of luxury motorhomes available today. The models in this section as far as luxury coaches are concerned, are the finer Class A’s, the high end diesel pusher motorhomes, and some of the finer Class C’s.

Even in the more “common” manufacturer’s product lines, the degree of luxury that is standard in the mid to high ends, has really come into being in recent years. The beauty of this is that the price hasn’t raised that high in relation to the features now included. Truly custom motor homes are available for those who find that a factory model won’t quite do.

Luxury motor homes are available in economical diesel and gas versions in all classes. The Class A’s and Class C’s can sport one to four or more slideouts adding to imaginative and innovative floorplans. Though the Class C’s units are not often suitable for fulltimers, we feel the need to include them as they are examples of fine engineering and luxury.

Come along and click on the links below to learn more about the exciting and varied luxury motorhomes available to the average consumer today:

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