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Luxury Toy Haulers – More than a Garage

A fairly recent appearance to the RV scene has been the refinement of luxury toy haulers. While the concept of a toy hauler has been around for a few years, the first models to appear were geared for the motorcycle and offroad crowds. Gaudy, checkerboard paint jobs, awnings and even interior fabrics, clearly stated that these units were made for gearheads. The marriage of a full blown garage with a luxury trailer is a great idea, but many are finding that there are advantages to having that extra space beyond offroad toys.

These new uses are being found especially by those fulltimers who choose to live and work on the road. The standard garage is now becoming a closed off office space, a separate entertainment room, a music studio, an art studio and other innovative ideas. Luckily the producers of RV’s have taken note of this are many are redesigning this space with a far less than garage look and feel. If you’re looking for a “man cave” on the road, take note!

Birth of Modern Luxury Toy Haulers

Luckily around the same time that RV’ers were finding alternate uses for the garage space, the big manufacturers of RV’s began designing and building luxury toy haulerswhat they deemed luxury toy haulers. Black laminate cabinets gave way to solid cherry and other hardwoods, loud, obnoxious fabrics transformed to much more neutral patterns such as solids and so on. Exterior siding went from standard aluminum to smooth fiberglass with stylish, molded front and rear caps with recessed lighting, and many other improvements. Note that most of the major innovations towards luxury have taken place in the manufacture of fifth wheels rather than travel trailer models.

The beauty of a luxury toy hauler is that they are built to carry weight and lots of it. Many of the bigger units sport three axles, giving them a high GVWR, (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). The garage carrying capacity is most often higher than the entire weight carrying capacity of a standard fifth wheel. The standard garage in these rigs has grown from 10 feet to some fitting a 16 foot enclosure in the floorplan. Keep in mind that the exterior dimensions have followed suit with some models coming in at a whopping 42 feet and more in length. These coaches are some of the biggest fifth wheels available. There are also a few motorhomes with garages, but the real innovation seems to be coming from the fifth wheel market.

Luxury Toy Hauler Manufacturers

luxury toy haulerA couple of primary examples of luxury toy haulers would be the excellent units from the forward thinking company, Heartland. They produce two luxury models, the Cyclone and Road Warrior. Both feature smooth fiberglass exteriors with front and rear molded caps in a wide body design. Abundant underbelly storage with slam baggage doors, built in tool storage, and universal docking stations for hookups are standard. Numerous options such as generators, electric awnings, hydraulic landing gear, and much more are available to make towing and camping easy.

Inside you would think you’re in a high end standard fifth wheel if you didn’t see the garage. Hardwood cherry cabinets, solid surface molded countertops throughout, and steel ball-bearing drawer guides lend an upscale feel to these units. High end entertainment systems both inside and outside are standard fare. Interior options would include washer dryers, central vacuum systems, refrigerator upgrades, and more. This is not your typical RV, i.e. stapled together trash. These coaches are both rugged and beautifully constructed for the long haul.

toy hauler interiorAnother attractive example would be the Fuzion by Keystone which continues to be one of the most popular toy haulers on the market. Several travel trailer models are also available. These eye catching coaches have much in common with the Heartland models. Upgraded exteriors and interiors featuring a huge pallet of standard gear, as well as every conceivable option assures you that you can outfit your coach the way you want it. They also offer a customized limited run “Touring Edition” loaded with desirable options and gear at cost savings.

Toy Haulers-Rooms with a Views

If you were put off by the obnoxious look of previous toy haulers, look again. The landscape is changing, and toy haulers are quickly transforming from fumy garages into multipurpose rooms on wheels. The clientele attracted to the possibilities of these coaches is changing too. Look forward to more innovation in this unique market segment. If you find yourself dreaming of some wide open interior spaces make it one of your first stops to check out the current crop of luxury toy haulers.

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