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For some RV’ers or those who simply don’t travel that often, can find their traveling needs met by the current crop of luxury vans. A luxury van can be anything from an around town luxury cruiser to a full blown camper van or anything in between. Those who have less time on their hands because of various obligations but still love to travel will find that a high end van conversion or camper will fit the bill nicely.

The beauty of a luxury van is that you can obtain it in a number of different arrangements to suit your needs. Those who need to haul people often and will only use them for a quick getaway will find a passenger van a good choice. Those who value their precious weekends or other time off will opt for something more on the side of a van camper or even the rugged Sportsmobile 4×4. There exist models that are hybrids of the two allowing you to find something that will fit your intended use.

Vans in general make great second vehicles and are fairly economical to operate. As far as a luxury conversion goes a number of companies exist that put out quality work. It is best to seek out those that mostly produce van conversions such as Leisure Travel Vans, the Explorer Van Company, or the familiar Roadtrek Company. They have been producing van conversions for a number of years and offer many models with a multitude of options that you can tailor to your goals. There are also a number of companies working with the beautiful Mercedes Sprinter van chassis.

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