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Medium Duty Trucks – Way More Than Enough Truck!

Medium duty trucks begin to shine as one witnesses the leap frog race between RV producers and the main consumer truck manufacturers. It seems that as soon as the makers of mainstream trucks expand the capacities of them to tow more weight, the fifth wheels being put out quickly outstrip these vehicles to SAFELY carry them no matter how much aftermarket gear is added on. Instead of opting for a Class 8 full blown semi-hauler, there exists a mid-ground in the form of the medium duty truck. These specialty trucks provide the average consumer more than enough power and safety features to both pull and stop the heaviest coaches on the market today.

The “Big 3” and the Game of Catch Up

A short ten years ago around the year 2000, the big fifth wheels on the market were triple slide behemoths weighing in at 14,000 or more pounds. The conventional trucks at the time were clearly inadequate to tow them even though the main truck producers tried to upgrade their specs to appeal to the medium duty trucksaverage consumer. Fast forward to now and trailers have grown even bigger from 6 slide fifth wheels to huge fifth wheel toy haulers over 42 feet in length. As soon as the trucks begin to close the gap, the trailers coming down the factory line seem to grow bigger in response.

Looking close at the dealer specs for consumer trucks the heavy duty models such as the Ford F450 seem to be able to handle most of the large fifth wheels on the market today. This is only partially true. When also inspecting the details of some of the big toy haulers, the weights are clearly above the safety ranges for these trucks. It is not enough to able to tow a trailer, rather the concern is whether or not you can safely STOP it! Besides safe stopping, overall maneuvering is compromised in a smaller truck towing a huge fifth wheel combination. When what you are towing far outweighs what you are towing with, you’ve got a problem.

Medium Duty Trucks Fill the Gaps

A medium duty truck is modeled after the semi hauler yet exists as a mid-point between them and a conventional truck. The towing capacity though, is where these rigs really shine with most boasting the ability to tow anything on the market from commercially produced coaches, to custom, luxury fifth wheel monsters. As stated the ability to pull something down the road is one thing, but the ability to also stop it safely and quickly, reigns supreme.  Being in total control of the overall combination, whether cruising up a mountain pass or descending a steep grade is a given. A medium duty truck is designed for just this type of workout. As you investigate the offerings in this grade of truck, you will be pleasant surprised as to the elegance and luxury of the interiors offered as well.

Of course it goes without saying that all this will come at a price. A custom medium duty truck will run you over $100,000. Though the price tag may medium duty truckseem steep, remember that these specialty vehicles share the positive characteristics of their larger cousins, most importantly longevity in the field. These trucks are designed for the long haul and will hold their value mile after mile. Those who are fulltimers know this is a part of their house knowing it to be a wise investment to their home on the road and are truly luxury tow vehicles.

Serious Trucks for Serious RV’ers

Not satisfied with the stature of a conventional pickup? Would you like to haul your luxury trailer safely including your family and friends? Do yourself a favor and look into the current crop of specialty trucks designed to fill the niche that the orthodox truck manufacturers seem not to be able to keep up with. For those who have invested in one of the luxury towables, the special medium duty trucks could be the perfect complement to their nomadic lifestyle.

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