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The Marathon Motor Coach – Prepare To Dream

A Marathon motor coach is truly luxury RV’ing at its finest. Integrating the most advanced navigating and driving systems, with cutting edge RV technology, Marathon Coaches offers one of the most unique luxury buses in the business. Beyond sheer luxury though, Marathon designs and builds features you won’t find anywhere in the common RV landscape. Started in September 1983 and expanded into its present form by Bob Schoellhorn, the Coburg Oregon based Marathon Coaches, continues to lead the way producing one of the most desired RV’s on the road today. Anyone who is a serious RV’er, will probably be interested, if even with envy, about these elusive mansions on wheels.

A Marathon Motor Coach is Top of the Line Everything!

Beginning with a foundation on a Prevost H3-45 and XLII chassis, each motor coach is a custom built work of art both in and out. Unlike resorting to marathon coachesbuying what is presented on the common RV dealer lot, a Marathon motor coach comes about through a truly custom building experience. The company boasts having all production departments under one roof, providing the owner/builder experience to be as seamless and painless as possible. Indeed, the building of a Marathon Coach is similar to the building of a house in that, you, the owner get to weigh in on each phase of the build, providing as much or as little input as you so desire.

The creation of a Marathon motor coach is as individual as the purchaser likes. In fact, your input is encouraged so that together you create with their help, a coach that truly reflects your tastes and desires. The true beauty of these one of a kind rigs are their individuality. If you have an idea, Marathon and its team will try to make that a reality for you. From choices in fabrics, countertops, flooring and appliances to exterior paint schemes, you are part of the complete realization. The drawback of all this detail will be that your coach will take at least 6 months to complete at a price of between $1,500,000 and $2,500,000 to build. If you are a serious RV’er part or fulltime and value your time traveling on the open road, this is a small price to pay considering what you receive.

Built On a High Tech Foundation

Marathon starts with a top of the line Prevost bus on which to base all of its conversions. Common to all Marathon coaches are high-tech, custom marathon motor coachdeveloped systems that form the operational foundation of each motorhome. TechLink is an electrical networking system that forms the brains of the entire coach linking the electrical-based complex systems together. These systems can be monitored on the many televisions as well as smaller monitors throughout the coach, and remotely on handheld devices. This includes crucial operational systems such as monitoring the status of the holding tanks, the many batteries, temperature, the generator charging status and much more.

Commanding all this overwhelming control is an easy to use Creston Remote Control System. These units replace the need for multiple control units and yet allow complete remote operation of audio/visual systems throughout, automated window blinds, air conditioners, complex lighting schemes and much more. Compliment all this easy to use wizardry with spacious floorplans sporting up to four slides, and you have an enviable home on wheels that’ll surely dazzle all those you entertain and welcome onboard.

Is It For Me?

Should you find yourself in the gilded position of being able to afford these one of a kind recreational vehicles, a natural question will be, should I take the plunge? Those who find themselves in a money is no object reality, will buy one even if it is for serious part time use. Another common market segment is the traveling executive who find themselves living on the road often and would like to get away from a steady diet of hotels and restaurant food. Of course any serious fulltime RV’er should at least take a glance, if just out of curiosity to see what humans can dream up in the way of nomadic living at its finest. In the end, despite the cost, a Marathon motor coach is a unique statement in the world of the generic, predictable RV.

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